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Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Indian Journal of Science and Technology covers research articles, reviews, science & technology education and popular articles ISSN: 0974-5645 (ONLINE) ISSN: 0974-6846 (PRINT) Journal metadata

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  • Aims and scope

    Indian Journal of Science and Technology (Indian J.Sci.Technol.) is an international monthly journal available as digital publication with free online access and as print (subscription-based) in which the quality works of the authors can be published in fast track.

    Though the focal point of the journal is at National level, it deals with the rest of the world in global perspective. Thus the science & technological advancement and its socio-political impact that happens all over the world can find place in the Indian Journal of Science and Technology.

  • Editors

    The Editor and Founder of Indian Journal of Science and Technology:

    Prof. Natarajan Gajendran Ph.D

    Advisory Board:

    Prof. Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus Barbados
    Prof. Ghebrebrahan Ogubazghi Ph.D., Eritrea Institute of Technology,Eritrea 
    Prof. R.Rengasamy Ph.D., University of Madras, India
    Dr. Steven G. Newmaster Ph.D.,University of Guelph, Canada 

    Editorial Board:

    Dr.Kumaravel M.D., Ph.D., Huntingdon Life Sciences Eye, UK 
    Prof.Ramesh P. Singh Ph.D.,George Mason University, USA
    Dr. Vikram Jayanth Ph.D., The Centre for Applied Genomics, Canada
    Dr. Bhabani Shankar Panigrahi Ph.D., TSD/ROMG Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, India 
    Dr.B.M.Reddy Ph.D., Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India
    Prof. Mohamed E. Wagih Ph.D., University of New Brunswick, Canada
    Prof.A.Navaneetha Gopalakrishnan M.E., Ph.D., Centre for Environmental Studies, 
    Anna University, India
    Prof.Muthumary Ph.D., Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras, India
    Dr.G.Jayaraman Ph.D., University of Madras, India
    Dr. Morteza Montazerozohori Ph.D., Yasouj University, Iran 
    Dr. Ragupathy Subramanyam (Ragu) Ph.D.,University of Guelph, Canada

  • Guide to authors

    Indian Journal of Science and Technology is published monthly as print journal (for subscription) as well as online (open access).

    - Articles are emailed to:; For recent information please consult online publication:
    - Send a complete article in a single word file (preferably Microsoft Sans Serif font size-10).
    - Email article with declaration to the effect that the article is original and has not previously been communicated to any other journal for publication.
    - Incorporate emails of the author and co-authors, area pincode, phone number/mobile number of the corresponding author in the article itself.
    - Send a complete article in a single word file (preferably Microsoft Sans Serif font size-10); identify the corresponding author.
    - If not available, use other standard fonts such as Times, Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica while preparing the text and figures.
    - Use symbol font to convert Greek and other non-standard characters. File sizes should not exceed 10MB.
    - Each figure/table must be numbered so as to identify its position in the running text; include appropriate legend. Table must be in table format (word).
    - Provide three suggested referees, together with their affiliated institution address and email address.
    - If the article is resubmitted after correction, please state point-by-point responses to the referees.
    - Electronic submission is prone for virus infection. Hence the authors should keep the back-up copy of the article.
    - In all correspondence, quote the reference number assigned to the article.
    - Generally, article in final form will be published as embedded PDF file with free online access (open source): while the hard copy of the issue will be made available for subscribers
    - All the articles are peer reviewed before acceptance and the author(s) need to pay Rs.5000 (overseas 150 USD/ 100 pound) per article as publication fee. The publication fee for the open access journal includes processing fee also; hence the fee paid once will not be refunded.
    - The accepted article can be rejected or deferred from publication at any stage if found plagiarized or until any needed rectification fulfilled.

    Research articles (List of 'References' should include those work cited in the article).

    Indian Journal of Science and Technology publishes the original research work in the form of Research articles. The basic research findings and technological advancements in various fields of science can find place. While no stringent regulation is laid on the length of the article, a regular paper must not exceed of 7500 words. Shorter articles are always preferable. The Research article should include Title, Authors (with affiliations), Abstract (less than 250 words), 5-8 Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgement and References, in its order.
    Guidelines for citation of references:
    Research article reference:
    Gajendiran N, Tanaka K and Kamada N (2000) Comet assay to sense neutron 'finger print'. Mutat. Res. 452, 181-189. 
    In the text it should be referred as: (Gajendran et al., 2000)

    Goswami M and Sahoo S (2009) Ultimate stable element Z = 137. Indian J. Sci. Technol. 2 (3), 16-19.
    In the text it should be referred as: (Goswami & Sahoo, 2009)
    Reference to electronic journals:
    Gajendran N (2007) Adding life to the nanotechnology. Indian J.Sci.Technol. 1 (1), 1-5. Domain site:
    In the text it should be referred as: (Gajendran, 2007)

    Ghebrebrhan O, Luce H, Yamamoto M and Fukao S (2004) Interference suppression factor characteristics of complementary codes for ST/MST radar applications. Radio Sci. Vol.39, Issue 3. Cite ID: RS3013 (RaSc. Homepage).

    Web site published by an organization:
    American Psychological Association (APA). Electronic references. Retrieved Nov. 30, 2007, from
    In the text it should be referred as: (APA, 2007)

    Document on the Web:
    Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) (2002) Eritrea profile: fishery country profile. Retrieved Nov. 30, 2007, from
    In the text it should be referred as: (FAO,2002)

    Book reference:
    Sambrook J, Fritsch EF and Maniatis T (1989) Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd edn. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

    Langer T and Neupert W (1994) Chaperoning mitochondrial biogenesis. In: The Biology of Heat Shock Proteins and Molecular Chaperones (eds. Morimoto RI, Tissieres A & Georgopoulos C), pp. 53-83. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Plainview, NY.

    Thesis/ Report reference:
    Ghebrebrhan O and Woldehaimanot B (1998) A note on Earthquake Hazard in Eritrea. Department of Earth Sciences, University of Asmara, pp: 98.

    Follow APA method:, in case of any special references not cited above.

  • Contact

    The Main Office address:

    Prof.Natarajan Gajendran,
    The Editor,
    Indian Journal of Science and Technology,
    No:23/9-Neelkamal Apartment, Flat-14
    3rd Main Road, Gandhi nagar, Adyar, Chennai-600 020, India

    Mobile: 0091-9940444695

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